Your specialist for measuring instruments for professional plant production, research and consulting.

Our work is dedicated to the responsible use of natural resources, especially water.

The need to use all natural resources efficiently and responsibly is undisputed. Agriculture and horticulture face serious challenges: In addition to the increasing effects of climate change, there is also a progressive increase in the cost and scarcity of many resources necessary for plant production. Every use of energy, water, fertilizers and pesticides must be carefully considered, planned and increasingly justified to both authorities and consumers.

However, only those who know the exact current state can react, plan and manage optimally... Only on the basis of solid information can the optimization potential in the own cultivation be recognized and possible cost reductions and yield increases be realized. Measuring instruments from MMM tech provide this information basis.

MMM tech supports you with measuring instruments that are optimally adapted to your individual needs. Every farming situation is unique, there is no measuring system that fits everywhere. For a tailor-made solution for your farming operation, we offer a wide range of measuring instruments for all important factors in plant production. Our product range covers the whole spectrum from simple, inexpensive hand meters to comprehensive high-end solutions.


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