Without electric power on site, only electro valves with latching solenoid can be used, since this type can be operated by battery power. To operate a latching solenoid an irrigation controller is compulsory, since it creates the electrical impulse, which opens and closes the valve. Many battery operated irrigation controllers are equipped with a sensor port for soil moisture based automation.

Switch units for Mode of Operatiion A WITHOUT grid power:

MMM Schalttensiometer, Irrometer Schalttensiometer, WS-B Water Switch 9V DC, WEM-B Watermark Electronic Module 9V DC

Switch units for Mode of Operatiion B without grid power:

iMetos ICA controls electro valves with latching solenoid directly

Irrigation controller

Node by Hunter.

Battery powered, waterproof, up to 12 irrigation start times per day, with Sensor port.


Hunter Node:
SKU Name Price *  
Node-100 Node f.1 station, 9V DC 161,00 €
(191,59 €)
Node-200 Node f. 2 stations, 9V DC 213,00 €
(253,47 €)
Node-400 Node f. 4 stations, 9V DC 251,00 €
(298,69 €)
Node-600 Node f. 6 stations, 9V DC 290,00 €
(345,10 €)
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Electro Valves 9V DC by Hunter

Plastic, with 9V DC latching solenoid and flow regulation.


Electro valves 9V DC:
SKU Name Price *  
PGV-101i electro valve & latch sol. 1 59,00 €
(70,21 €)
PGV-151i electro valve & latch sol. 1½ 119,00 €
(141,61 €)
PGV-201i electro valve & latch sol., 2 135,50 €
(161,25 €)
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