The DD-S is designed specifically for agricultural plants, small trees and branches. It is suitable for plants with a diameter of less than 5 cm. Due to a patented mounting method, the dendrometer also provides stable readings for very small plants.

Typical Applications

  • Monitoring of the growth processes of plants
  • Monitoring the water status of plants
  • Examination of the influence of environmental factors on plant growth
  • Precise dating of the beginning and end of growing season
  • Precise determination of the point of frost events
  • Estimation of the water content in plants (in combination with sap flow measurement the transpiration can be calculated continuously)
  • Irrigation control

Technical Data (all models)

Sensor measurement range: < 11 mm
Accuracy: ± 1%
Resolution: ± 2,6 μm
Thermal expansion coefficient of the sensor: < 0,2 μm (whole measurement range)
Operating conditions: Air temperature: -30 to 40° C, air humidity: 0-100%


Dendrometer Data can be recorded by an iMetos Station, with automatic data transfer to the internet. Please ask for details.


DD-S - Shoot and Stem Diameter:
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DD-S Dendrometer for Shoot and Stem Diameter, 2 m cable, fixing materials