Fruit and Vegetable Dendrometer is the special version for circular targets. The fruit in the measuring frame is firmly fixed without affecting its growth. The frame bears the weight of the target.

Typical Applications

  • Monitoring of the growth processes of plants
  • Monitoring the water status of plants
  • Examination of the influence of environmental factors on plant growth
  • Precise dating of the beginning and end of growing season
  • Precise determination of the point of frost events
  • Estimation of the water content in plants (in combination with sap flow measurement the transpiration can be calculated continuously)
  • Irrigation control

Technical Data (all models)

Sensor measurement range: < 11 mm
Accuracy: ± 1%
Resolution: ± 2,6 μm
Thermal expansion coefficient of the sensor: < 0,2 μm (whole measurement range)
Operating conditions: Air temperature: -30 to 40° C, air humidity: 0-100%


Dendrometer Data can be recorded by an iMetos Station, with automatic data transfer to the internet. Please ask for details.


DF - Diameter of Fruit:
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DF Dendrometer for Diameter of Fruit, 2 m cable, fixing materials