Suitable for connecting up to 4 Dendrometers. USB interface, an internal battery lasts for more than one year. Memory for up to 1900 000 Measurements (memory for 4 Dendrometers for 1 year of data @ 1-minute logging interval), Resolution 0,2 to 0,5 μm (depending on Dendrometer model). Logging Intervall user defined between 1 sec. and 12 hrs. Delivery in IP67 box with protective roof.

Typical Applications

  • Monitoring of the growth processes of plants
  • Monitoring the water status of plants
  • Examination of the influence of environmental factors on plant growth
  • Precise dating of the beginning and end of growing season
  • Precise determination of the point of frost events
  • Estimation of the water content in plants (in combination with sap flow measurement the transpiration can be calculated continuously)
  • Irrigation control

Data access via Internet

When connected to an iMetos weather station, Dendrometer data will be provided on your own fieldclimate account on the internet. Please ask for details.


DL-18 - Datalogger:
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DL-18 Datalogger for Dendrometer, incl. Software