Fieldscout EC Meter is a portable EC meter and probe to measure EC value directly in soil, substrates, growing media and liquids right on the spot.

The stainless steel soil EC probe has a specially designed conical tip. The sensing surface is composed of 2 pairs of electrodes on the probe tip.The probe is designed to be inserted directly into soil and it compensates automatically for temperature. Additionally, the probe is narrow in diameter so it can be used effectively in plug trays.

The stainless steel sensor is available in two length (= maximum measuring depth): Standard 20 cm, and Long 60 cm with T-Handle and replaceable sensor-tip.

Technical Data

Display: LCD
Range EC: 0,00 to 19,99 mS/cm
Range Temperature: -5 to 55 °C
Accuracy EC: ±2% whole range
Accuracy Temperature: ±0,5 K
Resolution EC: 0,01 mS/cm
Working Environment: 0 to 50 °C
Calibration: 1-Point,t 2.76 mS/cm standard
Temperature compensation: automatic 0 to 50 °C
Power: four LR44 1.5V Alkaline batteries


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FSEC-20 Fieldscout EC meter, incl. Sensor 20 cm, Case and Calibration standard 499,00 €
(593,81 €)
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FSEC Spare parts:
SKU Name  
FSEC-GG FSEC base unit
FSEC-P20 Replacement Sensor 20 cm for Fieldscout EC meter
FSEC-P60 Fieldscout piercing EC sensor 60 cm, T-Handle
FSEC-P60S Replacement Sensor-tip 60cm Sensor (compatible with Fieldscout 60 cm sensor only)
FSEC-KL278 Calibration standard for Fieldscout EC meter, 2,78 mS/cm