The EC-HH-Pro a Hendheld Meter for all types of ECH2O Sensors features an integrated data memory and a multitude of already pre-programmed Calibrations. The instrument offers fast and easy on-the-spot measurement of soil water content at multiple measuring points / fields, and additional interesting options, like the „life update mode" (permanent update of measured values). Including: Handheld Meter, Datacable and ECH2O Utility Software

Comes with: Device, Datacable and ECH2O Utility Software.

Technical Data

Display: selectable in cm/m or m³/m³ or % Vol or IPF or ξa (permittivity)
Sensors: all ECH2O Sensors
Power: Battery
Memory: yes, 5000 Datapoints
Calibration: Mineral Soils, Peat Substrates, Rockwool, Perlite, Custom


EC-HH-PRO - Professional Handmeter:
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