Datalogger Model EM5-LOG offers 5 channels for sensor models EC-5 and HS-10 and an internal memory for up to 70 days of data @ logging interval of 30 minutes. Logging interval user adjustable between 1x per minute and 1x per day.

Basic software for logger settings, and cable for data transfer to PC included.

Technical Data


Display: no
Sensors: up to 5 Sensors - only model EC-5 or HS-10
Power: 4x type AA batteries - lifespan approx. 1 year
Memory: 3400 Measurement sets or 17000 single measurement values
Logging Interval: user adjustable between 1x per minute to 1x per day
Software: Basic software and data cable included


EM5-LOG - Datalogger:
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EM5-LOG Datalogger for EC-5 and HS-10 Sensors. 5 Channels. Incl. Software, Datacable