cropviewCropView is a solar powered, high resolution camera (10 megapixel) with UMTS modem. The system takes pictures of field / crop - one or several times per day, and sends data to a datacloud.

Various versions available: wide angle camera (22mm) and telescopic camera (70mm) and a combination of both.

Environmental sensors for rainfall, temperature, rel. humidity and duration of leaf-wetness can also be attached to the system.


SKU Name  
IMV100B CropView Panorama & Zoom (22mm + 70mm 10MP Cameras), modem and holder
PO101 Teleskopmast (1,5 bis 3m) zur Montage von CropView
IMV150 CropView Zoom (70mm camera, 10MP), modem and holder
IMV100 CropView Panorama (22mm camera, 10MP) , modem and holder