ecod3-rawThe iMetos ECO Model is the economical platform in the iMetos station family. Basic functions like Data-logging, automatic Data transfer, Alert functionality and Access through are identical with the standard Stations. Access to Data-cloud is free of charge.

iMetos ECO models – different to the standard models – cannot read all available Sensors. Therefore ECO Models are not suitable for monitoring of windspeed. Per iMetos ECO Station up to 24 individual sensors can be connected.

Following Sensors are available for iMetos ECO Stations:

iMetos ECO D3 Stations are equipped either with GPRS Modem or with WiFi.

Further it is possible to combine different Sensors in one Sensor Bus-Chain. Please ask for Details!


iMetos ECO:
SKU Name  
IMECO-Clima iMetos ECO basic unit & rain, air temperature, humidity, leaf wetness
IMECO-Frost iMetos ECO Station with Sensor for wet bulb and dry bulb temperature
IMECO-H2O iMetos ECO base unit & Rainsensor
IMECO-GG iMetos ECO Base Unit, Logger, Modem, Solarpower - no SIM Card, no Sensors
iMetos accessories:
SKU Name Price *  
IM-Bat accumulator for iMetos stations 6V 4,5 Ah 30,00 €
(35,70 €)
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