imetos3iMetos3 Weather Station Models are optimal for free Combination of Sensors, according to individual needs, for climate monitoring or to scientific requirements.
All basic functions like datalogging, automatic LTE data transmission, alert function and data access via are available.

Up to 60 individual Sensors can be attached to one Station.


Sensors for iMetos3 - Selection

iMetos3 models can be equipped with a wide variety of sensors. Some of them offering increased accuracy over standard sensors or additional features like heating for rain gauge


Temperatures: Air-, Wet-bulb-, Dry-bulb-, Leaf-, Silo- and Soil-temperature, also in multiple depth
rel. Humidity: various versions available
Rainfall: various versions, also heated version available
Leaf wetness: various versions available
Radiation: Global Radiation
Day Length
various versions available
Wind: Wind Direction, Wind Speed, various versions, also heated version available
Barometric Pressure: available
Soil Moisture: Watermark
all Decagon sensors
Sentek profile probes
Water level: various versions available
Flow-meter: various versions available
pH Value: continuous measurement in liquids
EC Value: continuous measurement in liquids
Dendrometer: various versions available

im-bodentemperatur im-blattsensor im-wind im-niederschlag im-lt im-se600

Leasing of iMetos weatherstations?

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SKU Name  
TNS30 iMetos II Base Unit - no Sensors
IMT200 iMetos 3.3 basic unit & rain, air temperature, humidity
IMT280 iMetos3 basic unit & rain, air temperature, humidity, wind speed
IMT300USW iMetos3 basic unit & rain, air temperature, humidity, global radiation, duration of leaf wetness, wind speed and direction
iMetos accessories:
SKU Name Price *  
IM-Bat accumulator for iMetos stations 6V 4,5 Ah 30,00 €
(35,70 €)
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More Sensors are available.

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