bmbfIoT4H2O® (pronounced "IoT for water") are small, low-cost data acquisition and transmission devices that communicate via the IoT radio standards LoRaWAN or NB IoT, and can be equipped with a variety of different sensors.
IoT stands for Internet of Things. IoT data acquisition systems transmit the acquired measured values via radio, and make the data available in a data cloud.
Thus, the IoT4H2O® devices allow both: The inexpensive new construction of wireless data acquisition systems as well as to equip existing sensors with wireless data transmission capabilities and thus to bring an existing data acquisition system to a contemporary level. Outdated handheld readers or data loggers without wireless data transmission can be replaced while continuing to use existing sensors. In this way, resources are saved.
The IoT4H2O® devices use the IoT radio standards LoRaWAN and NB IoT. These radio standards are characterized by extremely low power consumption, low cost, high range, data security and unprecedented obstacle penetration capability, making them ideally suited to the data collection requirements of agriculture and horticulture and other open field applications in general.


IoT4H2O® devices are available in two wireless standards:

iot4h2o logoLoRaWAN: is an open source protocol based on the LoRa radio standard. LoRaWAN based data collection devices send their data to a customer's own gateway (receiving station), which in turn passes this data to a customer's own server, where it is then made available to the user. Setting up your own LoRaWAN network is simple in principle, but still requires technical understanding and programming skills. There is no cost for data transmission when using LoRaWAN based data acquisition devices.

NB IoT: NB IoT radio data transmission uses the existing infrastructure of conventional mobile phone network, so network coverage is very high. The data received via NB IoT radio is transferred from the cellular transmission towers to the Internet, where it is made available to the user. NB IoT data collection devices do not require an own network infrastructure but a special SIM card. This incurs costs, but the cost is significantly lower than the communication cost via the conventional mobile phone network.

NB IoT networks are continuously being expanded. Currently (as of February 2021), the IoT4H2O® devices can be used in the following European countries:

Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, United Kingdom (UK). Outside Europe in South Africa and Australia.