The sensor type MAS-1 is similar to the sensors type EC-5 & HS-10, but the model MAS-1 generates an analog 4-20mA signal, making it particularly suitable for applications where a long cable is required. Meter Group's readout devices and data loggers are not suitable for this model.


Technical Data

Unit: m³ Water / m³ Soil, Vol. %
Range: 0-100 % VWC
Resolution: depending on read out technique
Supply Voltage: 12 to 32 VDC
Signal: 4 to 20 mA, proportional to Watercontent
Dimensions: 9,5 cm x 1,9 cm x 0,7 cm
Accuracy: with standard calibration mineral soils: ±4%
FDR Sensor from Meter Group with 4-20 mA-Signal  Soil specific calibration: ±1 to 2%


Typical Applications

OEM, Dataloggers various brands which require a 4-20 mA Signal. Other please see HS-10.


MAS-1 - Sensor:
SKU Name  
MAS-1 Sensor for VWC. Length 9 cm, cable 2 m