NOS-DB is to be mounted as a T-Connector 16mm (17,20 and 22 mm available) in a drip line. As soon as pressure inside the drip line exceeds 0,3 bar, the start of irrigation Info-SMS is triggered. The end of irrigation Info-SMS is triggered, as soon as the drip-system pressure falls below this value. Typical Application: Irrigation duration, filling levels in liquids.

Technical Data

Switch Closure: > 0,3 bar
Max. Pressure: 4,0 bar
Mounting: T-Connector for drip-line 16 mm (17, 20 and 22 mm available)
Cable: 3 m
Protection: rubber protecting cap IP 54
Pin assignment: 1x digital
Resolution: yes/no
Accuracy: yes/no


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NOS-DB Switch closure Sensor, irrigation time, 3 m Cable 69,00 €
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