The Teros 12 Sensor is the successor of the GS-3 & 5TE models. This sensor has been specially designed for use in all common growing media. This model measures the water content from 0-100%, the substrate, the temperature between -40 and +50°C and the electrical conductivity (EC) in the range 0 to 23 dS/m.


Technical Data

Unit of measurement: m³ water / m³ soil, vol. % temperature °C EC in dS/m
Measuring range: 0-100% water content Temperature - 40 to +50°C EC 0-20 dS/m
Resolution: 0.1% in substrates Temperature 0.1 °C EC 0.001 dS/m, 0 - 20 dS/m
Signal: SDI-12 and DDI Serial
Sensor length: 5.5 cm
Accuracy with standard calibration:
Substrates: Substrates ±3% in mineral soils <8mS/cm, temperature ±0.5 °C EC ±5% to 10 dS/m
Soil specific calibration:
  At least ±1 to 2% in all substrates and porous materials

Typical applications

cultivation in substrates (growbags, pots), Rockwool, special applications


Teros 12:
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