thumb sigfox exposeThe WatchDog® Wireless Rain + Temperature Station is used for continuous monitoring of precipitation and air temperature. The device transmits the data via SigFox Narrow Band radio. SigFox radio does not require a SIM card and is characterised by its long range, extremely low energy consumption and high penetration capacity.

The functionality is pretty simple: Set up the device at the place of use, switch it on if applicable - done. The subscription to use the service already includes the data traffic. The SpecConnect web interface is designed for intuitive evaluation and management of measurement data and features an alarm function. The data is updated hourly, or immediately after precipitation has set in, and is updated every 10 minutes as long as it rains

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Technical Data

sigfox raincup

PrecipitationResolution 0,2mm
 Accuracy ±2% up to a precipitation intensity of 50mm/hour
Air temperatureRange -55 to +125 °C
 Resolution 0,1°C
 Accuracy ±0,5°C


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WD-RT SigFox:
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WD-RTAB Annual Subscription SpecConnect & Data Traffic 60,00 €
(71,40 €)
WD-RT WD-RT Device complete 545,00 €
(648,55 €)
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