Suction tubes or suction lysimeters are used for extraction of soil solution from mineral soil and substrates for analysis.

Suction Lysimeters are a helpful tool to detect deep-percolation of Nutrients below the main root zone. To do this only several Suction Lysimeters in a length, which reaches below the root zone and a simple EC meter are necessary. Some soil solution is collected every day and checked for its EC value.

If the EC value of collected soil solution is rising after water applications, nutrients are flushed below the main root zone.


Analysis of soil solution indicates availability of nutrients, salt content and pH value on site in soil / substrates. lysimeters are often placed in various depth in soil, so that salt concentration gradients can be detected.

Working Principle

To extract solution from the surrounding soil a low pressure (or vacuum) is created in the inside of a suction lysimeter, the collected soil solution is then analysed.

Typical Applications

analysis of soil solution on content of nutrients, pH and EC value in all crops.