Intervitis Interfructa - Ausgezeichnete Innovation

The Now_SMS system was awarded on Intervitis / Interfructa fair 2010 as innovation. The system offers information on, and control of many important growing factors by mobile phone. The user receives measurement values „always in time" with highest precision and minimal effort. To retrieve current measurement values and alert messages based on user-adjustable thresholds or to switch the internal relay, only a mobile phone is necessary. Communication with Now_SMS is done by SMS (text message), no logging of data (exception raingauge).

Now-SMS is the ideal solution, when on-site data collection is difficult or very labour intensive, like:

  • distant or scattered fields
  • farming operation with multiple sites
  • control of dynamically changing parameters like temperatures
  • fast reaction on alert situations required like in frost protection

Working Principle

The Now_SMS system consists of the electronic and a quad-band GSM modem built into a IP 67 waterproof housing, the GSM antenna, an internal relay and four sensor ports, which can be equipped with a combination of field approved sensors.

Power supply by standard 12 V car battery, with optional solar power. Even with intensive use, a Now_SMS will work with a fully charged car battery at least 1 month without recharge or change of battery.
To use the system, a valid SIM card and sufficient network coverage at site is necessary. The Now_SMS works with all standard SIM cards, also prepaid Cards.


Now_SMS System works parallel in three Modes:


The user has the possibility to set alert-thresholds (example: Temperatures) with the included software. When a threshold is over or underpassed the system emits immediately an alert message by SMS to up to 4 different mobile phones. If necessary the alert message can be repeated up to four times or sent also as email or as fax. The text of the alert message can be freely formulated. Further the system also informs about the end of a state of alert by SMS.


At any time The user is able to retrieve the state of all attached sensors and of the internal relay by mobile phone (password - SMS), like for example the actual temperature. The actual battery voltage is always displayed.


The user can switch the internal relay at any time by mobile phone (password - SMS). By choice the switch action can also be triggered automatically when an alert-threshold is over- or underpassed. Relay: switch contact max. 250 VAC, @ 2A. Therefore the Now_SMS system can also be used for sensor based automation

Now_SMS Collage 1Now_SMS Collage 2



Every team member is able to retrieve information from Now_SMS instruments, if the password is correct. It does not matter from which mobile phone the request is sent.

The Now_SMS system can be used worldwide, because:

  • Software is in 7 languages by standard (DE, EN, FR, IT, ESP, NL and PL)
  • Instrument Settings can be changed worldwide by modem connection
  • Text of alert messages can be freely formulated
  • Instrument is equipped with a quad-band modem as standard
  • SMS service is often also at sites available, which are not covered by GSM data service