Once Now_SMS base unit is connected to a car battery or solar panel and a SIM card has been inserted into the slot of the housing, the device is ready to operate. The sensors for a Now_SMS base unit can be chosen individually. Presets (as specified by order), like alarm thresholds, new mobile numbers etc., can very easily be changed, if needed.

Therefore it is an option - limited only by the number of ports - to use the device in different ways from season to season, just by changing sensors. Now_SMS base unit has 2 analog and 2 digital (I/0) input ports and 1 relay output for remote switching of pumps, ventilation systems, or similar.(toggle switch, max. 250 VAC, 2A).

Recommended Accessory: Mounting holder NOS-MH, stainless steel, with mounting holes for Now_SMS base unit, rain gauge, air temperature and Combi-Sensor for Wet- and Dry-bulb temperature



Now_SMS base unit with electronic and modem in IP 67 box, antenna, power supply cable with connectors for car battery, software and serial cable.


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NOS-GG Now_SMS Base unit, incl. Modem, Antenna, Software, serial Cable 525,00 €
(624,75 €)
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Now_SMS - Spare parts:
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TR12DC Transformer 220 VAC to 12VDC, 1000mA 29,90 €
(35,58 €)
NOS-MH Mounting Holder (stainless steel) for NOS-GG units, ready with mounting holes 59,00 €
(70,21 €)
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