nchkThe Nitrachek instrument is field approved since many years for the measurement of Nitrate in Soils, Substrates, Soil solutions and press-sap of plants. The instrument reads the color change of Merckoquant Nitrate test-sticks electronically, and thus very accurately. Results of Nitrate tests with Nitrachek vary only by ± 10 % compared to an analysis with a Ion-meter (i.e. Laboratory standard), if the instrument is used professionally.

Technical Data

Memory:  last 20 measurements, tagged with date and time
Range: 5 to 500 ppm NO3 (mg NO3/l)
Dim. & Weight:  15 x 4,5 x 2,5cm, 160 g
Accuracy automatic correction of variances of the individual test stick lots


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NCHK Nitrachek Instrument for electronic reading of Merckoquant Nitrate test-sticks 295,00 €
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MEQ-T Merkququant Nitrate, 100 test-sticks 33,10 €
(39,39 €)
MEQ-Cal Calibration solution 100 mg/l Nitrate 50 ml bottle 9,50 €
(11,31 €)
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