Model M 1505D is similar to Model M1000, but rated for an even higher working pressure up to 100 bar. Further this model comes with a digital manometer as standard. The Model 1505D requires an external pressure tank (DIN compressed air).

For maximum flexibility various lid models are available for the Model M 1505D: For round petioles between 0,5 and 12mm diameter and also for bladed grasses, grains and corn.


Technical Data

Weight: 8,0 kg (without pressure tank)
Dimensions: 56 x 38 x 26 cm (L x W x H)
Pressure chamber: 12,5 x 6,25 cm cylindrical, Stainless Steel
Measurement Range: 0-100 bar, Digital Manometer Class 0,5
Lid: D6 – Standard lid (for round Petioles 1 to 6 mm (1/4'')) with compression gland gasket
Safety: built-in safety vent opens automatically at too high pressure
built-in protection against accidental opening when chamber is pressurized
Conformity: CE; EN ISO 12100-1:2003; EN ISO 12100-2:2003; 97/37/EC Annex I

Typical Applications

grapes, grain production, seed breeding and production, bio-energy, trees, research

Including M 1505D Scholander Chamber with standard lid, filling hose 1,8 m (to pressure tank / DIN compressed air),
5 extra Compression Gland Gaskets, 1 extra Lug Lid Sealing Gasket, O-Ring lubricant, special tool, safety goggles



M1505D - Scholander Chamber:
SKU Name  
M-1505D M-1505D Scholander Chamber 0-100 bar. Incl. Filling hose (DIN compressed air)