Irrometer Tensiometers Model LT feature a special „Low Tension" Ceramic tip and a high resolution Manometer. Due to the ceramic, which is reacting extra sensible also under low soil water tension, is this model especially suitable for Substrates. Apart from this, model LT shows identical advantages like the standard model, and is made to meet highest standards. Recommended Accessory: Irrometer Service Pump.

Technical Data

Unit: Centibar (= kPa)
Range: 0 - 40 Centibar / kPa Soil water potential
Seal: Threaded cap with Reservoir
Shaft: OD 22 mm, ID 12 mm, Wall 5 mm
Ceramic Tip: Low Tension - 7 cm

Typical Applications

Strawberries, Softfruit, Vegetables, Asparagus in open field, plastic tunnel and glasshouse. Trees and Hops, Nurseries.



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LT Spitze

LT Irrometer:
SKU Name Price *  
IR-LT-30 LT Irrometer 30cm shaft length 119,35 €
(142,03 €)
IR-LT-15 LT Irrometer 15cm shaft length 116,10 €
(138,16 €)
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LT Spare parts:
SKU Name Price *  
IR-LT-KS LT Irrometer Ceramic Tip 23,65 €
(28,14 €)
IR-LT-M LT Irrometer Manometer 53,75 €
(63,96 €)
All prices excl. shipping *