Unlike other models by Irrometer which are intended for permanent installation, the Model "P" is designed to be installed in a temporary situation so that the user can make a "spot check" of soil water tension and then relocate the instrument to other locations. A reading takes under normal conditions only 5 minutes approximately. Apart from this, model LT shows identical advantages like the standard model, and is made to meet highest standards.

Including: IR-P mobile Tensiometer, Service Pump and Soil auger for dry Installation.

Technical Data

Unit: Centibar (= kPa)
Range: 0 - 100 Centibar / kPa soil water potential
Seal: Threaded cap with Reservoir
Shaft: OD 22 mm, ID 12 mm, Wandstärke 5 mm
Ceramic Tip: 7cm

Typical Applications

Consultants, Measurement at numerous different locations



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IR-P Mobile Irrometer:
SKU Name Price *  
IR-P-30 Mobile Irrometer Tensiometer 30cm measuring depth, without service pump, soil drill 224,65 €
(267,33 €)
IR-P-EXT Extension tube for Modell P for measurements in 60cm depth 51,10 €
(60,81 €)
IR-P-30-set Mobile Irrometer 30 cm measurement depth, Service Pump, Soil auger 375,00 €
(446,25 €)
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