Watermark Monitor a reliable, robust and easy to use datalogger. Can read up to 8 sensors. Either soil moisture, temperature, Volt, 4-20 mA, Rainfall or switch closure sensors (irrigation time) can be used. The logger reads automatically Watermark Sensors at userdefined intervals and records measurement data. Includes WaterGraph software for operation and graphical display of readings.

Technical Data

Watermark Monitor

External Sensors: 8 Channels
Temp. Compensation: automatic, if soil temperature attached
Display: LCD - current sensor readings
Logging Intervall: user adjustable between 1x per minute and 1x per day
Power: 9V battery, lifespan 6 month to 1 year
Internal Memory: 170 days @ logging interval 1 hour
Communication: USB port, cable included
Software: German / English / Polish / Hungarian
Export of data to other software (EXCEL) possible

Typical Applications

vegetables, asparagus, softfruit, vineyards, tree crops, hops, potatoes, sugar beet, arable agriculture and seed production, research.


WM-MK - Monitor:
SKU Name Price *  
WM-BT-X Sensor for Soiltemp. for WM-S-VA, 4,5 m cable 48,00 €
(57,12 €)
WM-MK Monitor incl. 7 WM Sensors, 1 Sensor for Soiltemp., Software, serial Cable 955,00 €
(1136,45 €)
WM-M0 Monitor no Sensors, Software, serial Cable 595,00 €
(708,05 €)
WM-M-RG Sensor for Rainfall for Monitor Datalogger, 3 m cablel 195,00 €
(232,05 €)
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