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MMM Tensiometer T1

✓ Self-explanatory color coding

✓ Quick and easy interpretation

✓ Always-tight silicone stopper

✓ Readable from top or front

MMM Tensiometer T2

✓ Robust shaft

✓ High water holding capacity

✓ Always-tight silicone stopper

✓ Readable from top or front

MMM Tensiometer T2D

✓ Digital pressure gauge

✓ Insensitive to tampering

✓ Automatic switch-off

✓ Readable from top

MMM Tensiometer TX

✓ Virtually maintenance-free

✓ Unparalleled rapid response

✓ Air can be completely evacuated

✓ Readable from top

MMM Tensiometer TXS

✓ Switching Tensiometer TX

✓ For all solenoids and computers

✓ Fixed of adjustable switching point

✓ For AC and DC systems

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Tensiometers are ideal for irrigation scheduling of drip irrigation systems and are field approved since many decades.

Tensiometer Advantages:

A tensiometer offers many advantages for irrigation scheduling:

  • Low cost
  • Very accurate measurement value, even at low soil water potentials
  • Easy interpretation of values
  • Result is valid for all soil types
  • Result not influenced by EC value of soil solution

Typical Applications

strawberry and softfruit, vegetables, asparagus, hops and fruit trees in open field, tunnels and glasshouses. tree- and grape-nurseries, scientific applications

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MMM Tensiometer T1 Series

From 44.86‎€
Ex Tax: 37.70‎€

The inexpensive solution for protected cultivation and open field

MMM Tensiometer T2 Series

From 62.95‎€
Ex Tax: 52.90‎€

The ideal solution for cultivation in the open field - Now with larger measuring range!

MMM Tensiometer T2D Series

From 77.89‎€
Ex Tax: 65.45‎€

T2 Tensiometer with digital pressure gauge

MMM Tensiometer TX Series

From 80.68‎€
Ex Tax: 67.80‎€

Top Class Tensiometer - Fast & Robust

MMM Tensiometer TXA Series

From 109.36‎€
Ex Tax: 91.90‎€

Top Class Tensiometer - Fast & Robust with Alumina Ceramic Tip

MMM Tensiometer TX-E Series

From 155.77‎€
Ex Tax: 130.90‎€

Electronic tensiometer with ratiometric voltage signal

MMM Tensiometer TXSU Series

From 127.93‎€
Ex Tax: 107.50‎€

Tensiometer for top class substrate cultivation

MMM Switch-tensiometer TXS series

From 109.24‎€
Ex Tax: 91.80‎€

Inexpensive irrigation automation

Irrometer® Tensiometer IR Series

From 136.26‎€
Ex Tax: 114.50‎€

Tensiometer of highest standards

Irrometer® Tensiometer IR-LT Series

From 148.75‎€
Ex Tax: 125.00‎€

Tensiometer especially for substrates

Irrometer® Mini Tensiometer Type IR-MLT

Ex Tax: 95.00‎€

Optimal for substrate containers and grow bags

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Irrometer® Tensiometer IR-E Series

From 213.61‎€
Ex Tax: 179.50‎€

Electronic Irrometer® Tensiometers with linear volt signal

Mini Irrometer with E-pressure transducer IR-E-MLT

Ex Tax: 149.50‎€

Mini Irrometer with E-pressure transducer, 12cm

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Irrometer Service and Test Pump Type IR-SP & IR-TP

From 106.51‎€
Ex Tax: 89.50‎€

The complement for every tensiometer from Irrometer

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