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An in-house weather station is used to obtain, record and provide general meteorological data and data on growing conditions. Accurate local weather data provide important information and a basis for decision-making for a wide range of possible applications and can identify opportunities for improvement and potential savings.

Weather stations with different sensor technology and with and without automatic remote data transmission are available.

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WatchDog Micro Weather Station

From 803.25‎€
Ex Tax: 675.00‎€

Micro weather station for various parameters from Spectrum

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WD-RT Station for rain and temperature measurement

Ex Tax: 545.00‎€

Micro weather station for various parameters from Spectrum

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IoT4all Weatherstation

Ex Tax: 3,475.00‎€

Complete package for the acquisition of general meteorological data

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iMetos weather station
Call for Price:

High-end weather stations with maximum flexibility

Sensors for iMetos3
Call for Price:

Sensors for iMetos3 - a selection

Extension via RadioNode / radio node
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Up to 16 wireless measuring locations

Prediction models for plant diseases and pests
Call for Price:

Available for numerous crops

Location-specific weather forecast
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Highly accurate, site-specific weather forecast