The TXSU is an adjustable, extra sensitive, high resolution Tensiometer, which has been developed specifically for the use in Substrate culture. The measurement range is between 0 and 250 hPa water potential, the Manometer shows MMM’s well approved self-explanatory color coding which has been specifically adapted to Substrates. Standard measurement depths (shaft length) are 15 and 20cm (other length available on request). The specialty of the TX Substrate Tensiometer is the front side zero correction of its gauge, eliminating issues with damaged manometers.

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Technical Data

Unit: mbar (=hPa) 
Range: 0 – 250 hPa
Manometer:  Capsule gauge with zero correction (front)
Accuracy: Class 1,6 (±1,6 % max.)
Seal: Thread cap
Shaft: OD 22 mm, ID 16 mm, wall 3 mm
Ceramic tip: 5cm

Typical Applications

All Crops grown in Substrates, Pots, Growbags, Substrate troughs


TXSU for Substrates:
SKU Name Price *  
TXSU-15 Substrate Tensiometer 15 cm 104,50 €
(124,36 €)
TXSU-20 Substrate Tensiometer 20 cm 105,00 €
(124,95 €)
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TXSU Spare parts:
SKU Name Price *  
TXSU-M TXSU capsule gauge 0-250 hPa 69,30 €
(82,47 €)
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