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Weight: 96.00g

Price: 77.89‎€
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* Measuring depth:

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Tensiometers of the T2D series are equipped with a digital pressure gauge. The digital manometer is insensitive to tampering, is activated by pressing a button and is read from the top. Automatic switch-off after 10 seconds.

Technical specifications

Unit of measurement:
mbar (= hPa), adjustable to display in kPa, psi
Measuring Range:
0 - 750 mbar in 1 mbar steps
±10 mbar /hPa
Shaft thickness:
22 mm, ID 16 mm, wall thickness 3 mm
Ceramic tip:
clay material, length 50mm, OD 22mm
Application temperature:
5 to 50 °C
Lithium 3V CR 2032, sufficient for at least 30,000 cycles
CE tested, complies with European EMC regulation, protection class IP55

Typical applications

Strawberries, soft fruit, fine vegetables, asparagus, cultivation in tunnels and under glass. Nursery, hops and tree fruit.