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The pH value is a central value in many areas of application: Chemistry, agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, aquariums, water treatment, wastewater treatment, healthcare, food industry and art restoration to name but a few.

In agriculture and horticulture, the pH value of soil and substrates is a central parameter for the growth conditions in the root zone, and has a considerable influence on plant nutrition, growth and plant health.

Nutrient availability for and nutrient uptake by plants are also determined by the pH value of the soil: At low pH, the availability of nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, calcium, magnesium and molybdenum is limited; at high pH, nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper and zinc are poorly available. Therefore, quick, easy and accurate measurements of pH are important. pH is also an important parameter for evaluating water for aquaculture and irrigation purposes. Another important agricultural application is the measurement of the pH value of spray liquids.

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pH value pocket meter PH-TM2

Ex Tax: 59.00‎€

simple pocket meter for pH and temperature

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pH value pocket meters Laqua Twin

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Ex Tax: 114.00‎€

waterproof pocket meter for pH value for smallest sample volumes

pH pocket meter with ISFET sensor

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waterproof pocket meters for pH with ISFET sensor

pH Handheld meter model PH-MM1

From 296.31‎€
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waterproof handheld meter with data memory

Handheld pH meters model Laqua PH210 & PH220

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Top class handheld pH meter from Japan

Handheld pH meter model Laqua WQ310-PH-K

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Laqua WQ300 - modular, intelligent, digital handheld water quality meter

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pH value table meter LAQUA PH1500

From 577.15‎€
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Good value for money, ideal for routine applications

pH value table meter LAQUA PH2000

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state-of-the-art, user-friendly and GLP-compliant device

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pH table meter LAQUA F-72A-S

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Measuring device with touchscreen color display for stress-free work

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9652-10D (for field tests)

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3-in-1 pH electrode with plastic body

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9651-10D (for field tests)

Ex Tax: 149.00‎€

3-in-1 pH electrode with plastic body

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9625-10D (for universal use)

Ex Tax: 179.00‎€

3-in-1 pH electrode with plastic body

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9630-10D (for samples with low conductivity)

Ex Tax: 349.00‎€

3-in-1 pH electrode with plastic body

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9631-10D (for hydrofluoric acid or HF samples)

Ex Tax: 519.00‎€

3-in-1 pH electrode with plastic body

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9632-10D (for strongly alkaline samples)

Ex Tax: 409.00‎€

3-in-1 pH electrode with plastic body

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