Watermark Sensor

The Watermark Sensor is a robust, user-friendly sensor, maintenance free, frost proof and buffered against varying salt contents of soil solution. The cable can be spliced up to a total length of 100m. However its reaction time to soil moisture variations is somewhat slower than tensiometer or volumetric sensors. Interpretation of data is easy, since measurement result is given in Centibar (soil water potential), valid for all soil types.

Technical Data

Unit: Centibar (= kPa)
Range: 0-200 Centibar soil water potential
Temp. Compensation: by read-out meter / datalogger

Typical Applications

vegetables, asparagus, softfruit, vineyards, tree crops, hops, potatoes, sugar beet, arable agriculture and seed production, golf-, garden- and landscape irrigation.

Watermark Huellrohr

WMS - Watermark Sensor:
SKU Name Price *  
WM-S-100 Watermark Sensor, 10m Cable 55,75 €
(66,34 €)
WM-S-60 Watermark Sensor, 6m Cable 52,20 €
(62,12 €)
WM-S-45 Watermark Sensor, 4.5m Cable 50,60 €
(60,21 €)
WM-S-30 Watermark Sensor, 3m Cable 49,00 €
(58,31 €)
WM-S-15 Watermark Sensor, 1.5m Cable 47,50 €
(56,53 €)
WM-S-0 Watermark Sensor, 5cm Cable 46,00 €
(54,74 €)
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WMS - Spare parts:
SKU Name Price *  
WM-HR-20 PVC Installation Tube for WM Sensors 20cm, incl. Cap 2,80 €
(3,33 €)
WM-HR-30 PVC Installation Tube for WM Sensors 30cm, incl. Cap 3,00 €
(3,57 €)
WM-HR-50 PVC Installation Tube for WM Sensors 50cm, incl. Cap 3,40 €
(4,05 €)
WM-HR-60 PVC Installation Tube for WM Sensors 60cm, incl. Cap 3,60 €
(4,28 €)
WM-HR-75 PVC Installation Tube for WM Sensors 75cm, incl. Cap 3,90 €
(4,64 €)
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...as Profile Probe

for multible depths

Watermark Sensors are now also available as profile probe tor measuring multiple soil layers at only one spot, thus enabling the monitoring of soil water potential over a complete soil profile.

Technical data and typical applications please refer to Watermark Sensor above.

WMS - Profile probes:
SKU Name Price *  
WM-3S 3 Watermarks as profile probe, Measurement 15-30-60cm, 3m Cable 199,50 €
(237,41 €)
WM-4S 4 Watermarks as profile probe, Measurement 15-30-60-90cm, 3m Cable 249,50 €
(296,91 €)
All prices excl. shipping *